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By Noorie on 28. Dec, 2011

With the endless possibilities and incentives retailers provide to shop online, it has become a regular activity for some people. Over the years, Arubans have also started doing their research and making use of online shopping.

Expandeer recently conducted a survey around this topic. The infographic below illustrates the findings based on responses received.

Some key findings on the current online shopping behavior of consumers in Aruba include:

  • 89.7% of surveyed consumers said they’ve shopped online;
  • The top 3 items consumers order online are: clothing, small electronics (e.g. mobile phones, ipods, ipads, etc.) and books;
  • 61.5% of consumers said they would shop online from local businesses if this was possible;
  • 100% of participants said they would most likely shop online to book hotels, cruises & flights.

One of the main issues that prevent businesses in Aruba from incorporating online selling into their business is the lack of easy payment systems available- for instance Paypal.

How Arubans Shop Online

Do you think Aruban retailers need to introduce more possibilities for online shopping? Leave your comments below.

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5 Comments to “How Are Arubans Shopping Online? [Infographic]”

  1. David

    Dec 29th, 2011

    Interesting results, thanks for sharing. I run my own retail shop on Aruba and like many other retailers, we haven’t implemented an ecommerce strategy or online shop, out of lack of information and not knowing where to start. I have my hands full with day to day operations and when I decide to take the online plunge, I will need a trusted partner to guide me through the maze.

  2. Edward Erasmus

    Jan 3rd, 2012

    Nice infographic! Congrats on the article. Very informative. Indeed the payment system is a huge challenge, especially since Aruban merchants cannot use Paypal to accept payments. However, there is a way around it if we want to promote e-commerce business between local consumers and local businesses, and that is via a generally accepted online payment card. It should not be a credit card (or debit card), but a card (similar to iTunes cards) you can purchase at a bookstore or a Setar teleshop, etc. that you can use to buy stuff online locally…..just a crazy thought…..

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